Exercise, Discipline, Design

OK, so I am totally stealing the Dog Whisperer, Cesars Millan’s, mantra and replacing a word. Instead of exercise, discipline, affection, I will be writing about exercise, discipline, design, or if it applies to you: exercise, discipline, development. My point is if your job, no matter what it is, consists of sitting in-front of a computer monitor all day, you need to take care of your body.

Personally, when I design or develop, it makes a huge difference if I find some time to take a break and walk, preferably before the workday, and then throughout. I tend to get fatigued, frustrated, and even depressed if I am sitting at a computer for an extended period of time. A little exercise does wonders to snap me out of that mode, get my blood moving, and clear my mind creatively. I really believe that every designer, developer, or computer technician owes it to their bodies to break and exercise.

Not only will this keep you healthy and alive, it will also help your career if you think about it. When your body is exercised and you have no sluggish fatigue, tension, or depression, you work better.
Even for you unchained developers and designers who do all your work on laptops (I am jealous) are not exempt from this. Sometimes it may seem that there is no time to exercise, but as hard as it can be to fit in while living in this fast-paced world, we really cannot afford not to get regular exercise.

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