Logo-Centric Website Design

Logocentric is defined as A structuralist method of analysis, especially of literary works, that focuses upon words and language to the exclusion of non-linguistic matters, such as an author’s individuality or historical context.

However, I am talking about something totally different when I refer to logo-centric design (notice the hyphen). When I design websites (and other graphical assets) I work from a logo. For me, the logo is the most important element and the foundation of your brand’s image. From the logo you can extract your brand’s color palette, font-type, look, feel, vibe, and emotions. One of the first things that I ask my clients during a consultation is “Do you have a logo?”. If they do not, I suggest that they have one designed or have me design it, depending on their budget and unique scenario.

Logos are great as a starting point and a foundation for your website design, but they can also function to tightly integrate your letterheads, business cards, social network sites, and other branding assets. Before investing in a good website, it would be wise to invest in a good logo. My advice, logo first, then the world is open to you.

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  1. Can I quote you on this? Brock Hubschmitt

  2. Aaron Basch says:

    Absolutely. Thanks!

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