Baltimore City has Renewed my Contract until the End of the Year!

Great news! My contract as a Baltimore City Public Schools web designer and web-manager-trainer has been renewed for the rest of 2010, and most likely will go longer. This has been my favorite job to date in my 10-year career as website designer. Though it pays less than I am used to, the mission, the people, and the projects are all very special and meaningful to me.

With the talents of Gregg Ford, Avery Scott, Colleen Roxas, many others, and I, we have launched approximately 205 new websites!

Check out the new district website

Browse Individual School Websites

I am so honored to be working with Gregg Ford, the rest of the Family and Community Team, and all the web managers at each individual school. The kids and their families are going to benefit immensely. I truly believe that this will open up new opportunities for kids who are otherwise swept under the rug of society.

I am honored because I get to do it for the kids. I wouldn’t be at this job without them.

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