How Faulty Gutters Can Damage Your Garden

When you are busy maintaining the seemingly more important areas of your home, it can be easy to overlook the importance of your gutters. When functioning well, your gutter system diverts rainwater away from your home, protecting it against moisture damage. But faulty or clogged gutters can severely damage your home.

But did you know that clogged or damaged gutters also wreak havoc on gardens and landscaping?

Soil Contamination

If your gutters are damaged or clogged with leaves and other debris, they'll attract birds. As the birds scavenge in your gutters for insects and twigs, they'll add their poop to the mix. If that mixture then cascades into your garden during the next storm, the bird poop as well as rotten leaves and mould will contaminate the soil and cause your plants to become sickly.

Soil Displacement

When water cascades from your gutters into your garden, it will displace the soil around your plants, leaving their roots exposed to pests and disease.

Plant Overwatering

During a heavy storm when your gutters are overflowing, the soil around your plants will become saturated. This will leave many of your plants dead or dying, and leave your garden looking like a wasteland.

Plant Demolition

Your plants will also come under heavy bombardment from water pouring out of your flooded guttering system. Flowers will be especially vulnerable to this form of aerial bombardment.  

Pest Infestation

Along with the water pouring out of your damaged or clogged gutters, will come leaves and woody debris like twigs and leaves. All kinds of pests will then be able to breed in the resulting quagmire, especially if some of your plants also add to the mix. Mosquitoes could soon be swarming around your garden. But worse, the moisture and food rich wasteland could also attract termites.

Hire a Roof Plumber or Roofing Specialist

If your roof is wet and your gutters need urgent maintenance, don't attempt to fix your gutters yourself. You could injure yourself in the process. Instead, seek out a roof plumber in your area. Roof plumbers have the necessary training and experience to fix faulty gutters and ensure that water is diverted away from your roof and property during future storms.

Are your gutters looking the worse for wear? Is water and debris beginning to leak out of your gutters and into your garden? Then you need a roof plumber or roofing specialist toprovide roofing services before the aforementioned problems ruin your garden.