4 Clear Signs You Need to Call in a Water Heater Repair Service

A properly functioning water heater is essential in managing your hot water needs. However, you may not immediately notice a deteriorating water heater until you wake up in the morning to an ice-cold shower. Your water heater is always running, and it's no surprise that at some point, it's bound to break down due to stress. You'll need to call in a water heater repair service if you notice these four signs:

Fluctuating Water Temperatures

You may have noticed changing water temperature as your water comes out; either hot, cold or lukewarm. Irregular water temperature is a clear sign of a problem within your heater. Before calling in a repair service, try remembering when you first acquired your heater. When it's relatively new, consider having it repaired, but a replacement would be ideal if it's old.

The common reason why there is fluctuating water temperature is an accumulation of deposits. With time, these deposits build up and cover vital heating components, impeding their normal functioning. Alternatively, if you notice that the elements alone are faulty, consider replacing them rather than the entire water heater. 

Water Discolouration

Everyone expects water flowing out of their taps to be crystal clear. However, when you notice water flowing from your taps has a rusty, brownish colour or contains dark particles, it's a clear sign of a faulty water heater. Sedimentation occurs over time, and the result is brownish water flowing out of your taps, which is a critical health concern. If you notice this problem, contact a hot water service immediately to fix the problem.

Strange Noises

Carefully listen to your water heater, and in case you hear banging or rumbling noises, you'll know there are sediments trapped inside the tank. It's natural for some residues to collect at the heater's bottom, but with time, high temperatures convert these sediments into scale. Scale causes your water heater to work much harder to heat your water, hence the noise. If you notice this problem, contact your water heater repair service to flush the tank and remove the scale.

Water Leakage 

Finally, water leakage is a clear sign there is a problem with your hot water system. Leaking water heaters are highly dangerous, especially with electrical appliances, pets or small children around. Leakage may result from corroded parts of the heater, and this may further cause damage to the outer parts of the water heater. If you notice water leakage, call your water heater repair service to fix the problem immediately.