Are You the Underlying Cause of Your Chronic Blocked Toilet Woes?

Having to deal with the occasionally blocked toilet is an annoyance that all homeowners will have to bear at certain points of their residency. Fortunately, as long as you are contending with a minor clog, taking your plunger to the offending toilet should do the trick. The moment you find that this task is becoming a regular chore, you should start questioning yourself about whether it is being caused by external elements or if your household is to blame. In some cases, root ingress, old plumbing hardware and so on could be the origin of this drainage issue and will require the expertise of a plumber to rectify the problem for good. In other cases, however, the perpetrator could be the least likely of suspects — yourself. Check out a few avoidable causes of blocked toilets indicating that you are the likely originator of these plumbing woes.

Do you use excessive amounts of toilet paper?

Even though toilet paper is designed to be flushed down the toilet, too much of something is never a good idea. Granted, the amount of toilet paper that one would deem sufficient will vary from one person to the next but if you find that your one flush always leaves some tissue paper in the toilet bowl, you likely are using too much tissue per sitting. It should also be noted that some tissue brands can be quite thick, and this will make your toilet's job that much harder. So while triple-ply tissue and may add a sense of luxury to your experience, it could be putting your plumbing at the risk of a clog.

Do you flush personal care items?

While most people are aware of the fact that one should never flush sanitary pads down the toilet, many individuals assume that tampons can be disposed of through this route. In truth, all feminine hygiene products are supposed to be thrown into the trash and not down the toilet since they are not designed to be flushable. Admittedly, numerous tampon brands claim their products are made purely out of cotton, but you should keep in mind this does not mean that they will disintegrate in the same manner as toilet paper. Other personal care items that should never be flushed down the toilet include earbuds, wet wipes, condoms and more! All these items are designed to retain their shape, which increases the likelihood of them getting caught within the plumbing, creating a blockage.

Contact a plumber for help with a frequently clogged toilet.