What To Do When A Water Pipe Bursts In Your Home

Sometimes the utilities in our homes and businesses fail for seemingly no reason. When that happens, not only can it cause a major shock but it also can be extremely damaging for your property. While power surges can destroy appliances, plumbing bursting can seriously damage your whole home. If a water pipe has burst in your home or you just want to be prepared for one because it has happened before, then here are the three immediate steps to take in response. 

Turn Off The Water Supply

The first thing you need to do to limit the damage that is already being done by the flowing water. Some houses may have isolation stops that can turn off part of your home's plumbing while leaving other areas unaffected, but in an emergency like this you won't know how bad the damage is, so you want to turn off all water. To do this, go to the front of your house and find the water metre. It is usually just above the ground and all you have to do is flip the lever on it from the on to the off switch. This can be quite a stiff lever, so make sure to do be ready for a bit of resistance. 

Call For Emergency Plumbers

Burst pipes happen at all hours of the day and require an immediate response. That means that a regular plumber probably won't be as quick as you want them to be, which is where emergency plumbers come in. Emergency plumbers have all the required tools to fix burst pipes and can be at your home within just a few minutes, depending on where you are located. They may cost a bit extra, but when compared to the amount of damage that is being done by the water and burst pipe, this difference in price is negligible. Any delay could be far more costly, so make sure to get the emergency plumbers there as soon as possible. 

Locate The Problem

While you are waiting for the emergency plumbers (and once the water is turned off) you can start to try and locate the actual source of your problems. In all the commotion, it is easy to forget to try and find the problem so make sure to take a couple of minutes while you wait to do just that. Make a perimeter around the water and work your way inwards, eliminating pipes that are not the problem as you go until you find the one with the hole. This will help quicken the plumber's work if you can find it. But if you can't, don't be too stressed; that is what the experts are for anyway!