Two tips spa owners should keep in mind if they ever have plumbing emergencies on their premises

If the plumbing system in the spa that you own ever breaks down, you may find it helpful to recall the tips presented here.

Do not delay calling an emergency plumber so that your customers can finish their treatments

If a serious plumbing issue occurs whilst your spa is open and there are customers receiving treatments that require a water supply, you might, for a moment, consider delaying the call to the emergency plumber and waiting until these treatment sessions are over before handling this urgent matter.

However, although these customers might be upset by the news that their treatments have to be interrupted, you must have this conversation with them instead of putting off the phone call to the emergency plumber. The reason for this is that whilst giving these particular customers some bad news might disappoint them a little bit, waiting even an extra half an hour to tackle a major problem with your premises' plumbing could leave your business in ruins.

For example, if a pipe in your spa bursts and you stand beside it for 30 minutes, trying to soak up the emerging water with towels instead of shutting off the spa's water supply and reaching out to an emergency plumber, this free-flowing water could seep down through the floors and into the ceilings below them and cause these ceilings to collapse, or it could sink into the foundation and cause it to destabilise. It could take a couple of months to fix all of this damage, during which time your profits could plummet so low your business might not be able to recover.

In short, you should treat this like an emergency and call an emergency plumber. If you're worried about how your customers might react when you interrupt their spa treatments, you may want to be prepared to not only offer them refunds but also give them either a hamper full of luxury spa products or a voucher for some of your spa's most popular treatments.

Be extra thorough when sanitising the spa after the emergency is over

When any type of plumbing emergency occurs, some water will be left on surfaces near the damaged parts of the plumbing system after the plumber is finished fixing the problem. If the emergency at your spa involved any drainage pipes, then you should assume that the residual water left behind by this incident is unsanitary. With this in mind, you should not simply dry it up with a mop but should instead fully disinfect every area where this water has been spilt.

The reason for this is that your customers who receive their treatments in these areas may be either partially undressed or barefoot. If they step on or brush their bare skin against a surface where this dirty water was spilt, any pathogens that were left by this water might get on their bodies and cause infections. As such, to ensure that you do not unintentionally put people at risk of skin infections, you must be thorough when disinfecting these parts of the spa.