Say No to Chemical Drain Cleaners

Blocked drains are never pleasant to be around. Apart from the fact that they can produce seriously offensive odours, they can make it impossible to enjoy the convenience of having a well-functioning drainage system.

A large number of homeowners turn to chemical drain cleaners as a solution for clearing their blocked drains. While there is nothing particularly wrong about this, it is important that you understand the not-so-good side of using chemical cleaners for clearing blocked drains. Only then can you determine whether it is a good idea or not. Find out more on this topic in the discussion below.

The Chemicals Within

One of the main reasons why chemical drain cleaners are not a good option for your clogged drain is that they often contain a number of harmful chemicals. Examples of these chemicals include caustic potash and hydrochloric acid.

The chemical components in these cleaners are known to produce toxic fumes that can cause a wide variety of health problems if inhaled. Also, in the event that these cleaners come into contact with the skin during the drain cleaning exercise, they can cause serious burns. This can easily happen if the drain cleaning chemicals are mishandled.

Drainage Pipe Damage

It is also important to point out that the harmful chemicals in commercial drain cleaners can also have a destructive effect on your drainage pipes.

In the case of metal pipes, the chemicals in drain cleaners can have a corrosive effect on the pipe material, thereby rendering it weak and creating the possibility of leakages. In the case of PVC pipes, there is a lot of heat produced through the action of chemical drain cleaners. This heat can easily soften PVC pipes and damage their structural integrity.

Therefore, it might seem like you are saving by using chemical drain cleaners but you might end up having to spend more if the cleaners cause damage to your drainage pipes.


Before you rush out to buy drain cleaning chemicals, it is important to remember that not all blocked drains can be unblocked using these cleaners. For example, if your blocked drain is as a result of frozen pipes or invasive tree roots, introducing chemical cleaners into the drainage system will not suffice to deal with the problem.

In such a case, it is a better idea to hire a professional plumber who will establish the exact cause of the blockage before advising on the appropriate corrective measures to be taken. For more information about blocked drains, reach out to a professional near you.