Benefits Of Continuous Hot Water Systems

In most Australians homes, water heating systems are the second biggest energy consumers, out of all other household appliances. This investment mostly serves to improve the comfort and welfare of a house's inhabitants. However, hot water systems have also been found to have an array of health benefits for its users. From sore muscle relief to improved blood circulation, hot showers can make you feel better psychologically and physically. Therefore, it is no surprise that many Australians are switching to systems of continuous provision. Here's everything you stand to gain by installing a continuous hot water system in your home.

Continuous Hot Water Systems Are More Convenient

Most adult Australians spend about 7 minutes in the shower on weekdays, and about a minute longer on weekends. It is highly impractical to have to plan out these few minutes by switching on your water system hours in advance. Unlike traditional hot water systems, continuous systems do not feature tanks to store hot water. Instead, they heat water upon direct request from the system.

Instantaneous hot water systems do not run out of hot water, which is incredibly helpful for larger households. Morning preparation routines can be frustrating for the entire home when some people have to wait for the water to be re-heated as the contents of the tank are emptied. Continuous hot water systems eradicate this need and allow as many hot showers as needed, throughout the day.

Continuous Hot Water Systems Are More Energy And Cost-Efficient

A common misconception of traditional water heating and storage systems is that they require less energy to run because they are not running all the time. However, while these systems are on, they endeavour to continually keep the contents of the tank at your desired warmth. When water cools dramatically, the entire tank is re-heated. This constant re-heating of litres of water is certain to put a dent in your energy bill.

Because continuous hot water systems use energy more efficiently, they are an ecologically-friendly alternative to traditional systems. The system is continuously in standby mode, but it only starts using energy once a hot water tap is turned on. The flow sensor is thus activated, and the heating element triggered until the tap is turned off.

A Concluding Word

Continuous hot water systems can be the solution to both your hot water shortage and energy consumption problems. If you are tired of prolonged delays between when you need the hot water and when it is heated to your satisfaction or running out of hot water at some point, this is the ideal option for you. If you are one of the nine in ten Australians concerned about environmental sustainability, consider a solar-powered continuous hot water system.

For more information on hot water systems, reach out to a local plumber.