Signs You Need To Replace Your Hot-Water System

Many homeowners don't pay attention to their hot water system until they can no longer get any hot water. A hot water system that's over ten years should be replaced whether or not it's still supplying hot water. The following are some other tell-tale signs that you need to buy a new water heater.

Brown Water

If you notice that your hot water is brownish, your heater may be corroding from the inside. When a water heater begins to rust from the inside, it will not be long before it starts leaking resulting in water damage. The other way to tell whether your heater is corroding is a metallic taste or smell of hot water.

However, rust doesn't always mean you need to replace the heater. Sometimes the rust in hot water might be from a corroding anode rod. These rods are designed to attract the corrosive elements in water to protect the water heater from rust. The only way to tell whether the rusty hot water is caused by a failing water heater or an anode rod is by consulting a professional.

Hot Water Does Not Last Long

When you experience insufficient hot water, it might be time to replace your water heater. For example, if you notice that your hot water supply cuts off when you are showering or water is colder than usual, there may be a problem with the hot water system. Water heaters deteriorate in their heating capacity as they grow old.

In some cases, insufficient hot water is caused by a faulty thermostat, a leak, or a damaged heating element. Water heaters also lose their capacity because of a buildup of sediment in the tank. Before you replace your water heater, consult a professional to determine whether you can salvage the hot water system.


Another common sign of a failing water heater is a leak. A leak can cause damage to walls, floors, cabinets, and carpets in your home. Leaks also promote the development of mildew and mould.

The first preventive measure you should take is to look for the source of the leak. Leaks mainly occur from the outlet or inlet connections. Tightening these fittings can prevent further leakage. It's best to call a hot water system professional to determine whether the leak can be fixed or if a new tank is required.


Many modern homes cannot function without a water heater. Hot water systems supply hot water through different fixtures in the house, including the kitchen tap water and bathroom shower. Over time, the water heater begins to fail and needs to be replaced. Reach out to a professional who works with hot water systems for more information.