What to Consider When Buying a Hot Water System

If your hot water system breaks down, you need to replace it if you're to continue enjoying hot water in your house. Choosing a reliable and quality hot water system can be a daunting task considering the various types and brands in the market. Here's a breakdown of the basic considerations that will help you choose the most suitable hot water system for your home.

What Is the Most Suitable Mode of Fuel?

One of the most important considerations to make when shopping for a hot water system is the fuel type. The major fuel options to choose from include electricity, gas, and solar. Make sure you choose a hot water system that's affordable and manageable in terms of fuel consumption.

An electrically heated tank is cheap and easy to install. However, it's very expensive to run, particularly if you're using it full time. Natural gas is far cheaper than electricity since gas rates are generally lower. Solar is another popular option for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. These systems have solar panels and a tank for storage. If you choose solar for fuel, make sure you get a large tank to account for days when there's less sunlight.

How Much Water Is Required?

It's important to consider how much water is needed when choosing a hot water system. Take into consideration the number of people in your household. A heat pump electrical system and continuous flow gas system will be best suited for a small household while storage tank hot water gas systems will be best suited for a large household.

Most hot water systems use a tank. If you choose a tank-based system, make sure the tank is large enough to satisfy your hot water needs. Hot water systems can also have a continuous flow. These systems heat the amount of water you need at the exact moment you need it. When choosing these systems, you should be keen on the flow rate in litres over a certain period of time. Enquire from an expert to determine the appropriate capacity for your specific needs.

Where Will You Place The System?

When choosing a hot water system, you need to think about the amount of space required to accommodate it. The location of the system is also important. Remember, the heat dissipates when travelling through pipes. Also, when taps are too far from the system, you'll waste a lot of water before it gets hot. Therefore, make sure the system is close enough to the taps.

If you choose a tank system, you need somewhere for the excess water to go to. For a gas-based system, the tank should have a flue that drains outdoors. Similarly, if you're installing a solar hot water system, you should determine whether the available roof space is facing the north.