How Hiring A Plumber For Repairs And Maintenance Will Help You Sell Your House Faster

Putting your house on the real estate market is not an easy decision. However, whether it is due to financial constraints or you are looking to upgrade into a more spacious residence, making the best profit from your property is critical or you will end up regretting losing your biggest asset. For most people, the preparation involved in preparing their premises for sale include tasks like hiring a real estate agent, repainting the premises, staging it in the best light possible and so on.

But few people consider hiring a plumber to help increase their chances of a profitable sale. However, this professional can go a long way in luring buyers and potentially even accord you a bidding war.  If you have been of the mentality that plumbers are only vital when you're facing a plumbing emergency, consider the following ways that these professionals can help sell your house faster.

Replacing and upgrading of fixtures

One of the foremost considerations that many potential buyers have in mind when deliberating on houses is the condition of the plumbing. And while they cannot take a wrench and a drain snake to explore the inside functioning of the plumbing network, they can inspect the hardware meticulously. Hence, one of the first steps that you should take is to replace all the fixtures and, if your budget allows, upgrade them completely.

Brand-new fixtures will dramatically improve the overall appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms. Furthermore, upgrades such as aerating and laminar shower heads that help conserve water with their low-flow mechanism will enable the new homeowners to save on utility costs. Consult with your plumber regarding the best fixtures to invest in before you put your house up for sale.

Drain cleaning and pipe replacement 

The second reason why you should enlist plumbing services before you put your property on the real estate market is to ensure that the structural integrity of the plumbing network is functional. Blocked drains are, indubitably, the leading issue that most people contend with when it comes to residential plumbing. Contaminants such as stray hair, soap scum and food particles make their way down sinks, showers and bathtubs and start collecting inside the drains.

Left unchecked, the buyers will face problems with draining, noxious smells and even the increased risk of a burst pipe. A plumber can carry out hydro jetting to clean out all the drains in your home. Moreover, if they are to find that some of the mains have acquired damage in the form of cracks and holes, they can replace the worn iron pipes with new PVC pipes. Alternatively, you can even opt for pipe relining as a more affordable yet effective solution to damaged pipes.