Plumbing Jobs You Might Need to Have Done When Setting Up Your Convenience Store

Setting up a convenience store can be a great way to start up your own business so you can make an excellent income and be your own boss. Before you can get your convenience store fully up and running, though, you might need to work with a few professionals who can assist you with the process. You may need to work with a commercial plumber, for example. A few examples of plumbing jobs that you might need to have done are outlined below; you can contact a commercial plumbing service about all of these projects and more.

Setting Up Fountain Drink Machines

Many convenience stores offer fountain drinks, and this might be something you want to offer for your customers as well. After all, many customers who stop for fuel might want to get a cold drink, and you might like the idea of customers being able to prepare their own drinks. You'll need plumbing that runs to the ice maker and the drink machine itself, which a commercial plumber can help with.

Creating Food Preparation Areas

In many convenience stores, hot dogs and other foods are offered for customers. If this is the case in your store, then you'll need to set up food preparation areas for your employees. They'll need access to handwashing stations, sinks they can use for filling up steamers or washing dishes and more. Talk to a commercial plumber about the type of food you'll be preparing and the type of equipment that you will be using, and they can help with setting up these food preparation areas properly.

Hooking Up Coffee Machines

If you offer self-serve coffee and cappuccinos for the people who visit your convenience store, then you will need to run water lines and drainage lines to your coffee machines. This is easy to do with the help of a commercial plumber.

Installing Bathrooms

Of course, you will need to have working toilets and sinks for your convenience store customers to use. In some convenience stores—such as those that provide services for a lot of truck drivers—it's even common to work with a plumber to install showers, too.

Setting Up Washout Areas

You will probably want to set up a washout area outside of your convenience store, such as by your back door. This gives your employees a spot for dumping out and refilling mop buckets, cleaning dirty trash cans and more. A commercial plumber can help with installing spigots and faucets, and they can put in drains that will carry wastewater to the sewage system.