What You Should Know About Hot Water Servicing

You might already be aware that there are different types of hot water systems. Because of their differences, you may find that they need different kinds of servicing and maintenance requirements. For some hot water systems, for example, instant hot water showerheads, DIY servicing is simple (ensuring the surfaces are clean and correctly using the system). However, for other hot water systems like hot water tanks, you might require the services of a technician to do the servicing on your behalf. Read More 

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hot Water System

Is your current water heater on its last legs? Then the time has come to purchase a new hot water system. But before you go out and buy the same model and type as your current system, consider your options. Nowadays, with so many water-heating options available, you would be wise to take your time when selecting a new hot water system. Before you settle on a choice, consider the following factors. Read More 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Hot-Water System

Many homeowners don't pay attention to their hot water system until they can no longer get any hot water. A hot water system that's over ten years should be replaced whether or not it's still supplying hot water. The following are some other tell-tale signs that you need to buy a new water heater. Brown Water If you notice that your hot water is brownish, your heater may be corroding from the inside. Read More 

Getting Your Hot Water Installed Soon? Here Are The Pro’s And Con’s Of The Three Main Options

Hot water is a necessity in every modern building, but what is less certain is just how you choose to heat your water. There are three main options: electric, gas and solar-powered hot water heaters. Before you set your mind on any one of these, you should at least give the others a brief look over to see if they match your needs or financial situation better. Who knows, you might just find out something you never knew before that changes your opinion completely. Read More 

Methods Used in Water Leak Detection

There is an enormous amount of water being transported through water pipes on a daily basis. This number increases for each additional person residing inside the home or building. Even a crack as small as 2mm can lead to water loss of up to 800 litres a day. This not only increases the water bill but can also cause significant property damage. Plumbers specialising in water leak detection use a range of professional equipment and techniques to accurately identify the location of any leaks and have them fixed in no time. Read More